Frequently asked questions.

What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO is the process that helps a web site to improve rank, visibility and relevance in organic or unpaid results of search engines. These results dictate how much traffic your site will be getting by way of ranking. Your ranking will determine how you rank and where you rank as far as search engines. SEO is the way to go when creating and designing a web site. We specialize in the design on these types of sites as well as internet marketing.

How are you able to improve the position of my site in the search engines?

With the algorithm factor that Google uses, we cannot know all the factors but we know the most important of these by working with hundreds of websites that use these factors and these sites go to the top of the list. We also monitor the ranking factors so that we stay on top of them so that your site is constantly at the highest rank that it can get it to.

I’ve worked with others and they couldn’t help me get as high as I wanted to be. What can you do that makes you different from the other companies?

Our knowledge of the changing formulas separates us from the other companies. The proof is the work that we have done for existing clients. For people using SEO, the hardest engine to use is indeed Google. Here is the problem with other companies. There are so many that claim that they indeed know it all and attempt to provide SEO for businesses. However, the result is the fact that not only are these companies let down, the damage done forces them sometimes to choose a new domain name altogether. Most of our clients have been in that boat and with our help boast a Number One ranking for their keywords and rank 1st page on Google. Using the right company can make you or break you to be certain. The wrong one can sink your ship and cause you to start all over again.

Ok, how long will it be before I start ranking high on the search engines?

There are many factors involved to decide how long it will take. These range from the age of your current domain, if your site is indexed in the search engines, your link popularity, your history as well as the competition on the web for your chosen search terms. If you have an older site, they tend to improve rankings faster. The level of competition is the key here. 1-2 months is the average time to see improvement in a web site. Your results will vary.

Do you guarantee the rankings on these engines?

We can’t guarantee any type of rank on a search engine due to the constantly changing algorithms on all the search engines. These change on a regular basis. This is the reason why we do not offer a guarantee with rankings. We constantly monitor the changes so that your site will stay near the top of the search engine even with the fluctuations in the rankings. But we cannot legally offer a guarantee of rankings or position.

Do you charge a onetime fee or a monthly fee?

This will depend on what you require. If there is just a web design, then it is a one-time fee that is charged. Now, if you are using search engine optimization services, there is a monthly fee that is charged. This is because the engines change formulas on a regular basis so we work each month to maintain and improve your rankings on many of the different search engines such as MSN, Yahoo and Google.

If I rank first page of an engine such as MSN, does it mean that I will also be first rank on other search engines?

The answer is, unfortunately no. Each engine will have their own formula that is unique to them. Our services are tailored to Google only at this time, because we have tailored our process to Google. The reason why is that they provide 50% of all internet traffic. Many of our clients, however do have 1st page rankings on all the search engines in question.

How can I measure the results from my web site?

There are many tools and web analytics on every site that we build. These tools help you to determine what isn’t or is working. They will tell you how much traffic you have, where they came from, how long they stayed, what keywords were used and other analytics. This is very important to show you what is or isn’t working. The use of 1-800 numbers can also be used to note how many calls your site is driving as far as information goes for products or services.

What do you recommend that my money be better spent on – SEO or SEM?

This will depend on what your return on investment or ROI will be. Both can be effective but most users will click on organic first. PPC is also a highly effective method of getting traffic to your site. Here is the problem with PPC. Some owners are concerned because of the possibility of click fraud. This is a legitimate worry when it comes to pay per click. However there are many different tools that can be used to prevent click fraud. The right answer again will depend on the ROI that you are looking at. We believe that results achieved by high ranking on organic search engine results is the best way to success.

If you have any other questions that need answering, please contact us for more information on our services and how we can help you to make the best of a current web site or build you a new one that will rank high on Google and other search engines as well as use of our marketing department.