Identity Branding

Identity and Corporate Branding ~

The need for a strong logo design is more important today than in the past. There is far more competition in every market and the internet has compelled the competition into a global arena. Pumping money into advertising is no longer enough.  An effective marketing strategy with a powerful corporate identity/brand will help your company stand out from the rest and make your campaigns more effective.

This starts with an effective logo design. A logo should present well on a business card and carry the same identity and effectiveness on all sizes, up to a billboard.

The logo alone is only one important aspect. It is part of lasting impression a company makes on an individual: “I’m a Mac Person” This sort of pop culture-esque,  brand Identity does not come easy.   A company needs to have a clear plan of action and adhere to strict policies.

The bottom line is, you have to have a vision, for the lasting impression you want to leave in your customer’s mind.   We can help you with your vision, marketing strategy  and corporate identity/branding.  Starting with an affordable and strong logo design, all the way to an effective marketing campaign.