Search Engine Optimization

High Ranking Web Design offers Search Engine Optimization or SEO

for small to medium businesses serious about attaining high rankings on major search engines. Our services for Search Engine Optimization include the following:

Link Popularity Building – This is one of the most important parts of the process of search engine optimization. Search engines look at quality and quantity of links that point to your website. These determine the ranking by use of the algorithm of the particular search engine in question. Link building is a very important part of our services when it comes to search engine optimization. Our campaigns are designed to play a big part of our client’s success in ranking high on the search engine in question. We analyze the links so that you will have the greatest success on ranking high along with knowing what your competitors are doing. All search engines want to see quality links pointing to your site, especially authority sites. Our campaigns are designed specifically for the needs of the site in question.

Content Writing – This is also an important part of SEO services, especially ours. We write or often re-write your site content for both prospective clients and search engines. Content and the use of keywords go hand in hand. The search engines will look at a number of things such as keyword density when they determine a site ranking. We use and incorporate the target keywords in a natural fashion in the content that will appear natural to the visitors and will still satisfy the density of keywords that the search engine will be looking for. This allows for a higher ranking than if you did not have our services. We also often provide the type of search engine content work on sites that have good content but not good enough to achieve high rankings for any search engine.

Directory Submission – We provide directory submissions to a number of high traffic directories. However when dealing with other SEO providers, they may offer to submit your site to thousands of directories. This can and often does hurt your search engine rankings as they send the same information to all the search engines and directories. Some sites like Google have been known to penalize someone if the links pointing to it have the exact same content. However, our services dealing with SEO will include all the popular directories to both help you out on your search engine rankings as well as provide your site with additional traffic.

Meta Tag and Title Tag Optimization – Meta data plays a key role in a websites optimization we provide custom Meta and Title Tag optimization to help your site index properly within the search engines. Some directories will not accept a directory if it doesn’t have the proper tags. The most important part of Meta tags are the description and keywords tags.  We will provide the optimization of your sites Title Tags while we utilize keyword software to determine the most searched phrases for your market. Titles are also a source of abuse and have to be done properly.